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Since I’m too damn lazy to write an individual post for each one of these performances, I decided to write one big ol’ bitchy post! (:

Wheesung – With All My Heart And Soul
Wheesung’s comeback performance! You’ve got to love this man’s sexy voice! But what was up with the random high-pitched squeels? Not hot, Wheesung!

Wonder Girls – Nobody
What the hell was up with the cameraman zooming in on the girls’ bodyparts? Made me feel very uncomfortable watching the performance! However, I still noticed that the singing was just as blah and mediocre as always. What happened to the Saying I Love You-vocals? D:

SHINee – Love Like Oxygen + Amigo
Would have been super-hilarious if a random screaming fangirl grabbed the boys and pulled them down from their pedestals or what in the world they were standing on during their Love Like Oxygen-performance. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen!

The Amigo-performance was not as good as the first time they performed it. All that booty-shaking was still hot as always though. And you gotta love the intro with Minho squinting his eyes trying to be sexy, haha! Mr. Robot sure is one “cold heart baby”!

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3


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Jong Hyun and Onew from SHINee performed my favourite Fly To The Sky song; Like A Man.

I was very impressed with the boys! They did an excellent job. However, I personally think that Key should have sung with Jong Hyun instead of Onew. But that’s because I kind of dislike Onew’s singing voice. ^^

edit: I seriously need to stop putting in random pictures in my posts, lol. ;_;

Watch the performance HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Okay, maybe they weren’t exactly dressed as the Village People, but the clothes and dance-moves were just as damn gay. The boys pranced up the stage as if they were Tyra Banks on a catwalk. They looked fierce. I almost expected them to do the Y-M-C-A, haha!

I especially liked what Key was wearing. It looked like he was trying to get casted in Grease! I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying! ~

Then suddenly, it seemed like Tae Min didn’t like the fact that Key was getting all the attention with his John Travolta-hip thrusts! And so he brought out his secret ultra-attention-grabbing-power: the jailbait sexy moves!

It was if he was signaling to the other members: “bitch please, you ain’t got shit on me!”

Master Wheesung taught him well. He must be very proud of his little apprentice. He’s probably calling Tae Min right now, congratulating him for graduating DIVA-academy.

I should probably mention that the reason for all this madness was a performance for Mnet’s Style Icon Award. You can watch it HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Heartbreaking. But nothing can make me feel more heartbroken than the fact that Oh Jung┬áKyu has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who isn’t me, I’m feeling so miserable right now! Ohhhhh, Jung Kyu!

Well, less about my sweety and more about Nichkhun. Recently he mentioned that an older noona like Hwang Bo who’s eight years older than him would be okay for him to date. But don’t get me wrong, just because he may fall for older girls doesn’t mean that he wants your grandmother! After he said the things about Hwang Bo and him, he clearly stated that “An older woman by 8 years like Hwang Bo is okay, but a mother’s friend who was older by twenty years is not okay”.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Zion is a female artist who made her debut back in August with her album The First Story. This is however her first music video.

I am certain that this is how Rapunzel must have sounded like sitting in her lonely tower, enchanting the prince with her magical voice ~ (what a player!). She probably even sang this particular song!

Watch Rapun…I mean Zion‘s lovely music video HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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I’m guessing that the water in the sea was very lovely and warm and that’s why everyone was running towards it? Yep, definitely it.

Other than that part, the teaser to Big Bang‘s future Korean music video was very lol-tastic (lol+fantastic) and made me confused. I understood Nam Gyuri’s drunken Korean gibberish better than this. And I don’t even speak Korean!

And what do they mean with “go West”? Is that where you can find a cure to the newly discovered peripera fever-disease? Hmmm.

Get confused by Big Bang‘s new MV-teaser HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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And by “sneaky ninjas” I mean that the song to this music video is a hidden track on their new mini-album. Basically if you’ve downloaded the album, you don’t have this wonderfulness (yesimadethatwordup!).

So, if you wan’t to listen to the song, support xNoodles favourite girl-band and order the mini-album HERE.

Watch the music video HERE. I personally thought it was weird and kinda boring to watch but oh well, at least the song was aweh-some!

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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