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Yes, the headline says it all. They do indeed still exist and they sure are doing their comeback right now.

No, but 2 AM did their comeback on Music Bank today and they sang their new song ‘Confession of a Friend’ which I thought sounded pretty great, full of emotion and Jo Kwon is awesome. That last one was pretty random, but I sure do like Jo Kwon . . He’s as cute as blueberry pie, which isn’t really that sweet or anything but I like blueberries as well. More about them as a whole, they all sounded amazing live.

Watch 2 AM’s comeback performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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Better or worse, that’s up to you to decide!

In my opinion, they rocked the SBS Awards Show ‘Gayo Daejun-stage! The singing was pretty good, Taemin and Shindong were lucky to have Sungmin, Seungri and Jo Kwon there to save the day! And to add some sprinkles on the already awesome ice-cream, they all looked adorable .. So innocent and sweet as the candy I’m eating. The only thing that worries me about the performance is Jo Kwon, he seriously is way too good at acting girly. Who knows, maybe it was his idea to play the card game with 2PM? Watch them all share some kisses HERE. Credits to Symbelmyns for the video, I love that person. RAWRNESS to sybelmyns from me!

Well, watch Wonder Boys in action HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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A couple of days ago, Music Bank had a special episode in which they gave an award to whom they thought was the most important artist in 2008: the MVP Award!

…And the winners are DBSK. Liek omg, no way! I’m totally surprised…not! Tehee, but DBSK did deserve the award, I’ll give you that. (:

Anyways, here are the performances and as always they come with my lovely comments!

DBSK – Mirotic

…The line “Under My Sky” seriously makes me laugh my ass off! It makes me picture the boys floating around in the air with pretty sparkly wings!

Oh and what is up with the clothes? Boys, you must learn not to piss off your stylists! Yoochunnie’s hair looks hot though.

Davichi – Don’t Go (Gajima Gajima)

Very nice vocals! Davichi consists of two very valented girls! And you can’t help but to love the song. ❤

Wonder Girls – So Hot

You all know that when they sing the line “so hot”, they mean this blog! Thank you girls, sohotonasia feels very flattered.

Big Bang – Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Sunset Glow

Strangely enough, I never enjoy watching Big Bang live. I mean I do like the group….maybe it’s because they’re rap-ish? xD

2PM – Instead of Saying Goodbye

U-Go-Boys! This performance was hot and yet very adorable!

Mc Mong + 2 other dudesm – Love 911 & Circus

Mc Mong equals a lot of awesomeness! And those two dudes I do not recognize performed with him. That means they’re offically cool now too.

SNSD – Kissing You

I was so caught up with thinking that the skirts and shirts totally do not match, that I hardly even paid attention to the actual performance. But from what I saw, it was pretty blah.

Members from various girlgroups – Buttons

Fail! These girls are no Pussy Cat Dolls! Well at least they tried right? Mc Mong should sprinkle some coolness-dust on them!

DBSK winning the MVP-award + encore of Mirotic

I love how they manage to look sooo surprised even though they totally knew they would win. Congrats boys!

And that’s all folks! If I missed any performance, don’t bother pointing it out because I do not give a crap. My shoulder hurts. (:

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) and Jo Kwon (2am) collaborated and performed “This Song”.
I guess it was pretty nice performance with good vocals and emotional faces… But it was B.O.R.I.N.G! I’ll have to remember to watch this whenever I’m suffering from insomnia.
Watch the performance HERE.

– xNoodles , just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Who actually wants to listen to the girls sing their songs after hearing this? Wonder Boys really stepped up a notch with their hilarious singing, and Shin Dong’s hotness rap in So Hot!
Even if that was SOOOOO incredible gay it was still adorable. They were really rockin on inkigayo, with their entertaining dances and unbearable cute out-fits!
And Shindong looks so much slimmer these days!

Watch Wonder Boys performance on Inkigayo’s 500th episode HERE.

And If you excuse me, I’m now about to fangirl Jo Kwon a bit.
I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Wonder Girls latest fan meeting took place at Seoul Gaungwon University the 26/7. Where they dressed up as Teletubbies and later on they all had their own solo performances .___.
Here are some of the performances. Watch and enjoy, or not.

Wonder Girls -Tell me :
Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the performance was better than it usual.

Wonder Girls dressed up as Teletubbies :
Well their outfits were really cute, and I liked how they danced to Tae Yang – 나만 바라봐 (Look only at me) in the beginning. But I don’t think that it sets a good example for children when they suddenly start to hit each other on stage.

Sun Ye and Jo Kwon – Not Because
They both sang surprisingly beautiful, and their voices worked together perfectly. Jo Kwon was really great, and I have to admit that Sun Ye really can sing.

Yo Bin’s solo performance :
She is actually one of the few female rappers that I like. She did a good job rapping in this performance and her dancing afterwards was not that bad.

Sohee’s solo performance :
Sohee only danced .. I wonder why?
But it’s actually good that she spared my ears from her awful singing.

Sun Mi’s solo performance :
It actually sounded pretty good, but I couldn’t really hear that well because the quality wasn’t the best.

Ye Eun’s solo performance :

Ye Eun performed a song that she had composed herself and that was dedicated to their fans; the Wonderfuls. I bet all the fanmen fanboys present were so moved that they were crying their eyes out.
The melody of the song was nice and I quite liked Ye Eun‘s singing. (written by xNoodles).

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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The group who consists of 4 members made their hot debut at Music Bank, on the 11/7.
The 4 members: Jo Kwon, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon, Lee Changmin where all originally part of JYP’s project group Hotblooded Men. Out of all the members, the one who has received the most attention is Jo Kwon (lol, he looks like Brian from Fly To The Sky) because he was the longest-running JYP-trainee.
Anyways, the song they have choosen to debut with is named “This Song“. And well, it was so-so. But hey, I’ll probably start to like it later. The boys, or should I say men, are all good singers. So hopefully, they will be succesful. 2 AM, Hwaiting!

Watch their debut HERE. You can download their mini-album HERE. But don’t forget to support the artists, so buy the album! Credits to this SITE for the mini-album.

xNoodles , just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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