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Super Junior H:
THEIR BEST PERFORMANCE YET! We even favourite’d it on youtube. *___*
Eunhyuk‘s new backpack looked so cute! And so did the pink shoelaces on everyones shoes. The clothes were awesome as well. We are so PROUD over our Leeteuk, he managed to sing on the right keys through-out the whole performance! <33 We have basically nothing bad to say. Super Junior H, Hwaiting!

Wonder Girls:
It was just as bad as the other 9421049218412 times they performed the song. We have nothing more to add.

Tae Yang:
It was hard to tell what he was singing. Maybe they forgot to turn up the volym on his microphone?
The dancing was quite entertaining. But the whole “flashing abs”-thing he did was so random! .___.
We loved his cap with the smiley. Wiiie <333333333

We are pleased to see that they have improved! But there were times when they sang out of key. Over all, it was an “okay”-performance. Not good nor bad.

xNoodles and iRapeHellokitty – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.


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Even though the 14th annual I Love Korea Dream Concert took place quite a few days ago, I wanted to rate and express my opinions on some of the performances ~ :’D

Opening performance

Rating : 5/5

The first thing you see is Siwon on the drums and he looked HOTHOTHOT! *___* And if the rumours of him performing on Dream Concert while being ill is true, then I must say that he sure WORKED THAT SICKNESS! .____.

On a side note, the others also did really well, but JongHyun’s singing kind of pawned the rest.

Watch the performance here:


Ast’1 – 1234 back

Rating :3,5/5

Just as I predicted, they lip-synched while performing -__-;

Even though the song is really good and catchy, they do need to work on their live-performance!

I would rate them with a 3, but because Han Byul looked so damn RAWR, I’ll give them another 0,5 points n_n

Watch the performance here:


Shinee – Replay

Rating: 5/5

The performance was awesome! Shinee is a really good live-band. Even though Tae Min’s bowl hair-cut is fugly as hell, the boy can dance *____*

Watch the performance here:


Wonder Girls – So Hot

Rating: 1,5/5

They sucked and I could barely hear what the hell they were singing. Sohee’s vocals send chills down my spine ;____; The Wonder Girls would get a higher rating if they did not have her in the group.

Watch the performance here:


SS501 – Deja Vu

Rating : 3,5/5

The jumping-part in the beginning looked sooo cool. Their over-all performance was good, but they should have sung live!

And what was up with Hyun Joong’s hair, it did NOT look nice. O__O

Watch the performance here:


Girls Generation – Girls Generation

Rating : 3/5

Some of the girls sung really well and some didn’t. I must say that I want to wear the outfits they had in this performance! ;___;

Ouch, the turn-off-light-sticks-boycott, that was arranged by Cassiopeia, ELF and Triple S, must have really hurt .______. You can’t really see it in this video, because SBS is awesome at editing out stuff.

Watch the performance here:


Epik High – Breakdown

Rating: 5/5

The rapping was really good.

Lol, the Say Ahh~ – Tablo part was really funny! :’D

Tablo’s glasses = I WANT!

Watch the performance here:


Super Junior H – Cooking? Cooking!

Rating: 4,5/5

What a happy song! But the lyrics are kind of random. xD

I liked the outfits. Eunhyuk looked really HOOOOT in yellow!

Leeteuk’s black hair looked great but I can’t really say the same thing for my cutie Sung Min and Shindong’s weird…whatever that thing on his head was. O__O

Watch the performance here:


DBSK – Purple Line

Rating : 5/5

WOW, WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?! O__O. They seriously jumped out of nowhere!

I liked the Purple Line-performance. DBSK never disappoints you while singing live!

Chang Min looked really cute and I’m starting to like Jae Joong’s brownish hair, even though I still think he looks better blond.

Watch the performance here:


Mc Mong, Jewelry, Typhoon, Miya, Buga King, Mighty Mouth, Peter and Chu Sung Hoon also performed on Dream Concert. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to review them, so sorry! ;____;

– xNoodles , just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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