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.. Apparently?, At least she kept repeating that in her new song, which by the way is really addictive! Let’s all thank Sean Garrett for his corporation in this darn catchy song. ~~

BoA is to soon release her highly awaited first album and we’re all looking forward to it .. Don’t deny it, I bet you are even if you don’t admit it. Watch BoA’s new music video teaser HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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Listening to the remix-version of BoA’s Eat You Up featuring Flo Rida, I was laughing my ass off.

Not only have someone messed with BoA’s vocals by robot-ing ┬áit, you can also clearly hear her accent.

Oh boy, I thought that this hyped up Eat You Up-version would be awesome but no. It’s an major failure. DO NOT WANT!

Well at least BoA made it on the Hot Dance Chart List…whatever that is.

Listen to Eat You Up feat. Flo Rida HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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The performance just ended and Boa is currently singing Lose Your Mind. I feel so freaking cool because I’ve managed to watch Eat You Up LIVE instead of doing my homework!

BoA surprised me! Her english was so good. I actually understood what she was singing. That whole “so yum yum”-part sounds even funnier LIVE. Haha!

Anyways, watch the LIVE-streaming of BoA HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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I just thought that I should inform you all that BoA will be performing at Youtube Live Tokyo on the 23rd November. Wait, that’s today. Aren’t you excited now?

She’ll be performing at 4.30 PM and in GMT time that’s 7.30 AM. Wow, that’s soon. Sorry for the late notice I guess, I hope you’ll still manage to see her singing “I’ll eat you up” live at Youtube Live Tokyo.

For more information go to THIS page.

And just to say it, doesn’t she look absolutely stunning in this picture?

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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I’m just guessing that after spending too much on the asian music video of Eat You Up, SM was running out of money and decided to use a green screen, some back-up dancers and Janet Jackson‘s old clothes from the 90ths to produce… that!

Worst music video ever. Compared to this, the Asian version was freaking awesome!

Poor BoA, I hope you’re ready for some major FAIL in America.

Watch the failness HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Dang, BoA’s muscles must be sore after all that dancing she was doing in the music video. But…what does this MV really have to do “eating” a man up? Maybe she was doing some kind of ceremonial tribe-dance before her feast..?

Despite the fact that the chandelier falls down-scene deserves a “lol, that was so cheesy”-award, this MV was a whole lot better than that bad 90ths rip-off; also known as the english preview. I actually even think that BoA would have a shot at success in USA with this music video. A small one, but one nonetheless.

But hey, maybe the American MV will surprise us and turn out to be really awesome or something? HAHA! Not likely.

Watch the music video HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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With this single, BoA will lauch her American carrier? This mediocre song that keeps repeating itself and sounds like Britney Spears sloppy seconds? And to make matters worse: BoA’s voice is annoyingly high-pitched at some parts! I guess we’ll all have to rely on Se7en for some Korean success in the states.
Listen to the crap song HERE with download-link.

– xNoodles , just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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