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The music video to a newly debuted girl-group named Brand New Day was just released! And from what I saw, these girls seem to be able to carry a tune. Nice vocals gets you on my “Me Likey”-list! The song is fab as well!

However, I must say that the name that these girls have choosen sounds quite strange: Brand New Day..? At the first glance I thought it said “Brand New Bag” and that made me laugh…and then I just wanted to go shopping… Ah, now I understand! These girls are super-agents from some clothing/shoes/handbags-company and are using subliminal messages to get us to go buy their stuff! Sneaky, BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL XNOODLES!

…Sorry about that. I just ate a lot of chocolat and that triggers my crazy-ass imaginations.

Anyhow, watch the music video HERE and ignore my wackyness (ijusttotallymadehthatwordup).

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3


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