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Wow, wouldn’t you say?

On the Gayo Daeju’ Awards Epik High together with Brown Eyed Girls and Eun Ji Won performed a Koreanized version of the well known song ‘Where is the love?’. In my opinion I have to say that it was magical, or at least the rapping was. Epik High and Eun Ji Won really did a fantastic job!

But every performance has a flaw, right? And this performance biggest flaw was probably Ga In’s lack  of English skills. Even if her singing vocally were great, her English enunciation still needs to be polished up a bit. Sorry, but it’s true. Even though, it still was a great performance which I at least liked.

Watch the performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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You may wonder who won what in the MKMF-awards. But have no fear, iRapeHellokitty is here! I’ll now provide you with the longest post of all time of who won what and some links to different performances. (more…)

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Mnet Km Music Festival has now aired on TV! xNoodles put on her fashion-googles and will now tell you just outfits was Hot and Not So Hot on the carpet show!


DBSK: Kind of Hot.

And that’s only because of the slick and classy James Bond-ish suits Chang Min and Junsu are wearing! Yoochun looks like Count Dracula, YunHo has a rat around his shoulders while Jae Joong seems to be showing off his manboobs? I mean why else would he be so persisent on wearing those jackets that are made for showing of cleavege!


Jewelry: Not Hot.

Seo In Young kind of looks like a hooker you can find in a street corner wearing those ugly stockings. Out all the four girls, Jung Ah looked the best.


2PM + Random Girl (Joo?): Not Hot.

All of them including the girl FAILS badly. And what’s with the matching sneakers? It’s not even nice-looking sneakers!



They deserve the So Hot-title because they succesfully made me laugh my ass off for like 5 minutes straight. U-Kiss, don’t you know that polar bears are endangered animals? You shouldn’t be wearing their fur!


Lee Hyori: Hot!

Despite the fact that the dead animal doesn’t match the outfit, girl still looked good. And maybe it’s just the angle but Hyori seems to be packing some serious junk in the trunk!


Brown Eyed Girls: Hot!

Okay, maybe the two dresses in the middle didn’t really look that great. However, I love what the two other girls are wearing. Now that’s hot!


Big Bang: Not Hot.

These outfits look really tacky and just straight out ugly. Daesung is wearing a bear over his shoulders!


SHINee: So Not Hot.

Did I say that Big Bang had ugly outfits? Because compared to these, they looked freaking awesome. Mr Robot (also known as Min Ho) looks like a shiny ET who needs to phone home!


Epik High + Nell: Fantastically Hot.

That’s a lot of talented people posing together! Just as their music, Nell and Epik High are So Hot!


Wonder Girls : Not Hot.

Girls, there’s flowers growing on your thighs. Might want to let the doctor have a look at that. Maybe it’s due to the fact that you’ve been up all night sewing your dresses . . . because you did make them yourselves, right?


And that’s all from me folks! I know that there was like a million more people attending the Award but I don’t have time to write about them. xNoodles is off to watch Family Guy on TV and that’s more important! Damn I love that show.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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So a while ago, I wrote about Brown Eyed Girls having a hidden track on their album. And now their first live performance of that very song is out. (:

I would say that the performance wasn’t all that great and that they definitely could do better, but since the poor girls recently were food-poisoned I’ll be nice and say that they did amazing.

Watch the performance HERE. Download the song HERE. Credits to THIS site.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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And by “sneaky ninjas” I mean that the song to this music video is a hidden track on their new mini-album. Basically if you’ve downloaded the album, you don’t have this wonderfulness (yesimadethatwordup!).

So, if you wan’t to listen to the song, support xNoodles favourite girl-band and order the mini-album HERE.

Watch the music video HERE. I personally thought it was weird and kinda boring to watch but oh well, at least the song was aweh-some!

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Now I’m just sad! They’re having a midnight slumber party without inviting me! They should know that I like slumber parties after all the times we .. Nothing, I promised them I’d never tell!

The mystery girl is now revealed! How would have guessed it was Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In who was the narrator in SHINee‘s reality show? Seriously I would never in my life have believed that, she was just the girl in the background whom you could relate to because she always said the things you were thinking! Watch the interview with Ga In HERE.

However, SHINee‘s reality show has now officially ended. But don’t cry too much now, hopefully there’ll be a second season. Or maybe not, but as long as we have our hopes up there may be a chance! Check out their last episode here: part one, part two and part three.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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It was about a hundred performances today on Music Core, so I decided write a bit about them. And the picture of Wonder Girls above is due to my laziness that the easiest picture to find from these performances was them. The artists/bands which I’ve written about are: Wonder Girls, Minwoo, Banana Girl, SeeYa, KARA, Solbi, Son Dambi, Lee Hyun Ji, Brown Eyed Girls and Crown J.


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