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It was about a hundred performances today on Music Core, so I decided write a bit about them. And the picture of Wonder Girls above is due to my laziness that the easiest picture to find from these performances was them. The artists/bands which I’ve written about are: Wonder Girls, Minwoo, Banana Girl, SeeYa, KARA, Solbi, Son Dambi, Lee Hyun Ji, Brown Eyed Girls and Crown J.



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Crown J is such a cool rapper, he deserves respect!
This song of him is already one of my favorite songs for the moment. The MV on the other hand didn’t even leave a mark on me, too ordinary in my opinion. Nothing happened to make you want to see it again. For such a good song, you need a story in the music video too!
Watch the music video HERE.
And you can download his new mini album which was released the 2nd October HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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