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Kyaaaaa! ~ ><
My favourite Dong Bang Shin Ki-boys did yet another AWEH-SOME performance!
And may I add, no one can scream like my Chang Min. LOL!
Watch the performance here:


– xNoodles , aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3


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Even though the 14th annual I Love Korea Dream Concert took place quite a few days ago, I wanted to rate and express my opinions on some of the performances ~ :’D

Opening performance

Rating : 5/5

The first thing you see is Siwon on the drums and he looked HOTHOTHOT! *___* And if the rumours of him performing on Dream Concert while being ill is true, then I must say that he sure WORKED THAT SICKNESS! .____.

On a side note, the others also did really well, but JongHyun’s singing kind of pawned the rest.

Watch the performance here:


Ast’1 – 1234 back

Rating :3,5/5

Just as I predicted, they lip-synched while performing -__-;

Even though the song is really good and catchy, they do need to work on their live-performance!

I would rate them with a 3, but because Han Byul looked so damn RAWR, I’ll give them another 0,5 points n_n

Watch the performance here:


Shinee – Replay

Rating: 5/5

The performance was awesome! Shinee is a really good live-band. Even though Tae Min’s bowl hair-cut is fugly as hell, the boy can dance *____*

Watch the performance here:


Wonder Girls – So Hot

Rating: 1,5/5

They sucked and I could barely hear what the hell they were singing. Sohee’s vocals send chills down my spine ;____; The Wonder Girls would get a higher rating if they did not have her in the group.

Watch the performance here:


SS501 – Deja Vu

Rating : 3,5/5

The jumping-part in the beginning looked sooo cool. Their over-all performance was good, but they should have sung live!

And what was up with Hyun Joong’s hair, it did NOT look nice. O__O

Watch the performance here:


Girls Generation – Girls Generation

Rating : 3/5

Some of the girls sung really well and some didn’t. I must say that I want to wear the outfits they had in this performance! ;___;

Ouch, the turn-off-light-sticks-boycott, that was arranged by Cassiopeia, ELF and Triple S, must have really hurt .______. You can’t really see it in this video, because SBS is awesome at editing out stuff.

Watch the performance here:


Epik High – Breakdown

Rating: 5/5

The rapping was really good.

Lol, the Say Ahh~ – Tablo part was really funny! :’D

Tablo’s glasses = I WANT!

Watch the performance here:


Super Junior H – Cooking? Cooking!

Rating: 4,5/5

What a happy song! But the lyrics are kind of random. xD

I liked the outfits. Eunhyuk looked really HOOOOT in yellow!

Leeteuk’s black hair looked great but I can’t really say the same thing for my cutie Sung Min and Shindong’s weird…whatever that thing on his head was. O__O

Watch the performance here:


DBSK – Purple Line

Rating : 5/5

WOW, WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?! O__O. They seriously jumped out of nowhere!

I liked the Purple Line-performance. DBSK never disappoints you while singing live!

Chang Min looked really cute and I’m starting to like Jae Joong’s brownish hair, even though I still think he looks better blond.

Watch the performance here:


Mc Mong, Jewelry, Typhoon, Miya, Buga King, Mighty Mouth, Peter and Chu Sung Hoon also performed on Dream Concert. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to review them, so sorry! ;____;

– xNoodles , just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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