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When he resolutely started dancing on the table, was probably the part were I no longer could hold the laughter in. But while laughing I couldn’t help wondering what exactly he had mixed in his glass of orange juice! I’m not accusing, just saying. JJ Lin shouldn’t drink and then dance on the tables!
It doesn’t set a good example for the young people who look up to you, young mister! Do you really want the youngsters to turn into gangsters?

I actually enjoyed the music video to a 100 percent and the colorful clothes they all were wearing at the party (Which by the way, started right after his dancing on the tables. You know, as soon as the parents disappear the party begins!) were all really cute and looked so the 80s-inspired! The song sure was likable as well, so to sum everything up I had nothing at all against this music video.

Watch JJ Lin’ 不潮不用花錢 music video HERE. And sorry for writing about it so late. I’m aware that it came out in October, but it wasn’t up until now that I started liking it so much.

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