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Bad boys, bad boys. Watcha’ gonna do, watcha’ gonna do when they come for you? ~~

Ok, the title was unfortunately just a lie .. But Shin Dong with curly hair and some back-up dancers actually looked pretty fierce on the stage while dancing to Micheal Jackson’s song Dangerous. You know .. It was dark, and it looked a bit chilly and one thing is for sure .. Shin Dong ruled the street of the stage? !

After some dangerous street walking, it all took a turn and they all started singing to their pyjama party song in suits! Random .. Indeed! Well, who can possible complain? Suits are hot and piano as well. Suits + Piano = OH YES! o:

Watch the boys lookin’ hot in suits HERE. And about the picture .. Yeah, I couldn’t find one better.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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So freakin’ adorable. SHINee were all so cute when they danced the Miracle-dance, but has Key done something with his hair? Not so pretty.
And just to say it, when Super Junior H suddenly came out to sing … Too much cuteness-power at once! Seriously, all of them together is like the biggest ulzzang group alive. ❤
If you haven’t already seen it, watch the performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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The MV was soooooo cute and everybody looked GREAT! The song is really catchy and we really want to learn the dance so someone please upload a tutorial on youtube soon!

Stuff we likey’d:
The pyjamases. We want.
Eun Hyukie and Sung Minnie were definitely the cutest of the bunch.
Ye Sung. The haircut and those smexy glasses.

The dance. We want a tutorial!
Stuff we didn’t likey:
The random girls. Yes, we were jealous.
Shin Dong‘s hair.

Watch the MV HERE.
Watch their live performance of the song HERE.

– xNoodles and iRapeHellokitty – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone

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Super Junior H:
THEIR BEST PERFORMANCE YET! We even favourite’d it on youtube. *___*
Eunhyuk‘s new backpack looked so cute! And so did the pink shoelaces on everyones shoes. The clothes were awesome as well. We are so PROUD over our Leeteuk, he managed to sing on the right keys through-out the whole performance! <33 We have basically nothing bad to say. Super Junior H, Hwaiting!

Wonder Girls:
It was just as bad as the other 9421049218412 times they performed the song. We have nothing more to add.

Tae Yang:
It was hard to tell what he was singing. Maybe they forgot to turn up the volym on his microphone?
The dancing was quite entertaining. But the whole “flashing abs”-thing he did was so random! .___.
We loved his cap with the smiley. Wiiie <333333333

We are pleased to see that they have improved! But there were times when they sang out of key. Over all, it was an “okay”-performance. Not good nor bad.

xNoodles and iRapeHellokitty – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.

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watch the performance HERE.

The intro was looooove *___*, but Eunhyuk feeding Sungmin the baguette at – 00.15 looked pretty GAYGAYGAY :/ The performance was good! But we have some remarks about it….

What we likey’d :
Yesung‘s red pants. GIVE ‘EM TO US NOW!
Eunhyuk xD. His cute backpack :3.
Sungmin‘s singing.

What we didn’t likey:
Leeteuk needed a bit more make-up.
– The back-up sluts dancers.

ps: Did Kangin gain weight…like LOTS? .____.

iRapeHellokitty and xNoodles – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.

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Super Junior Happy on Music Bank

Really great performance, and the singing was good. I cannot hear anything wrong with it, it’s as you hear it on a CD. And I’m inlove with Yesung’s voice, but seriously during the performance you couldn’t take your eyes of Eunhyuk, when he was about to do the rap part, ihhhk cuteness! But over all, they all looked really cute! And I love the dance.

I’m really starting to like Sungmin’s new haircut now. Though do I still dislike the backup dancers, probably mainly because I’m jealous, but they don’t have to be all over them the way they are! Super Junior Happy, Hwaiting!

Behind the scene of Super Junior Happy

If you would like to see how they shot their music video and when they took their photos, you should watch this, it’s really unbelievably cute and you get to see their personalities. It was really cute how Eunhyuk tries to copy Yesung in KRY by singing Han Sarammaneul. Unfortunately it isn’t subbed, but if i’ll update if i find it.

I just want to spread the love! – Aleex, iRapeHellokitty

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Watch the MV HERE.

Oh my, this music video was just so happy and cute x3. Eunhyuk‘s rap part was just so “ihhk” no words can really describe it! :3 and all the members looked so cute. I loved the whole concept of the video because it was so hilariously cute and I just fell in love with Leeteuk‘s wig, but then again who can seriously resist it? Though did I really not like the backup dancers, who were all over my boys ;___; But in whole did I really enjoy to watch the video.

Download the whole album here, but don’t forget to support them!

Super Junior Happy – Mnet M! CountDown

EOEHWEOEL, so much cuteness at once x3. Sorry for the spazzing, but you guys have to watch this. Hyuk tried to teach Teuk how to dance “Baby, one more time” and his expression while doing it was just so cute! And Yesung is so gangsta while dancing to I don’t even know what, when later on every one starts to dance with him. And even if I seriously really dislike Shindong’s new haircut, I’ve got to admit that he can dance and his personality is really cute! You just have to love these dorks. ❤

I just want to spread the love! – Aleex, iRapeHellokitty.

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