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Have you ever heard the story about the little prince who got attacked by the eight witches with the short skirts? I have and I can provide you with the short version of the story here: Once upon a time their was a little cute prince, he was a pretty weak boy, but yet adorable and strong in his own heart! One day the eight vicious witches came and took him away from his family’s great mansion. And brought him to a studio and later on put a skirt on him .. A SHORT ONE! He didn’t like it too much, but a bit of him still did. Well, short up they became the band Sweety and are now a famous kids-group in Korea. I can understand if you wanted more details towards the ending, but I have to come to my point in this post now.

Sweety are now out with a new music video for their song ‘White Story’, thereof the Snow White-like story I just wrote. I have to admit that their songs are quite catchy now that I’ve listen to them a while. I actually don’t have a problem with neither them or their catchy songs,  but for real they shouldn’t encourage younger kids to wear shorter skirts! This is mainly because I saw some panties while watching that music video. And no, I wasn’t looking for it but as their shirts flew up during their spins I couldn’t help seeing it. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea about me.

Anyway, I still think that you should watch the music video because the song was like said really catchy and sweet. Oh, their song is just like their name sweet – y.  I lol’d, but you should all know my bad humor by now.

Watch Sweety’s new music video ‘White Story’ HERE.

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Oh noes, the kids from the Korean kindergarten have escaped! We have to put them back in their daycare center before they get raped by the older fan-boys they’ll soon be having, as the jail-baits they are!

By the way, I hope you all remember Sweety; the band that debuted in July with their “Hayanbyeol”, but haven’t done so much since then? Well, last I checked they were busy playing kid’s games with Tae Min. No, but seriously have they like been prisoners in an underground cage the last past months or something? In that case, I don’t really see why because they are talented! But the song they performed in their latest performance had a freaky resemblance to the black eyed peace song ‘where is love?’.

Watch Sweety’s latest performance HERE, but I’d would rather recommend THIS song even if the two girls in the music video had something going on!

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Can someone give me the number of their agency so that I can call to yell them out! Seriously, what has K-Pop come to when even children start to debut in groups. I mean come on! Are the children supposed to do singing and dance-practices and appear on TV-shows when they really should be outside playing or watching Teletubbies or something?!
All of them look like they are 8 years old or something except for a very few who look slightly older, and that little toddler in the beginning who can’t even do the dance properly and looks like she doesn’t understands what the hell is going on. Maybe that is because she is SO YOUNG!
Aishhhhhh! -___-; Well at least I liked the rapping.

Watch children prancing around and smiling a lot HERE.
Credits to this soompi-thread.

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