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You may wonder who won what in the MKMF-awards. But have no fear, iRapeHellokitty is here! I’ll now provide you with the longest post of all time of who won what and some links to different performances. (more…)


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Super Junior H:
THEIR BEST PERFORMANCE YET! We even favourite’d it on youtube. *___*
Eunhyuk‘s new backpack looked so cute! And so did the pink shoelaces on everyones shoes. The clothes were awesome as well. We are so PROUD over our Leeteuk, he managed to sing on the right keys through-out the whole performance! <33 We have basically nothing bad to say. Super Junior H, Hwaiting!

Wonder Girls:
It was just as bad as the other 9421049218412 times they performed the song. We have nothing more to add.

Tae Yang:
It was hard to tell what he was singing. Maybe they forgot to turn up the volym on his microphone?
The dancing was quite entertaining. But the whole “flashing abs”-thing he did was so random! .___.
We loved his cap with the smiley. Wiiie <333333333

We are pleased to see that they have improved! But there were times when they sang out of key. Over all, it was an “okay”-performance. Not good nor bad.

xNoodles and iRapeHellokitty – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.

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