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I never thought that Heechul would go that far to please the fans. But you gotta do, what you gotta do I guess.

Heechul while performing ‘Crazy’ kissed Jungmo from The Trax .. On the lips. The kiss wasn’t that much of a kiss really, but I can still imagine the jealousy fans are feeling right now. And no worries, even if Heechul is a bit girly I’m positive that he isn’t gay. So all you fans can continue dreaming on marrying him in the future.

Watch the tongue action HERE. I lol’d, I just wanted to add tongue action in the text somewhere. And I think I have expressed my love for everybody on youtube that I like except for Gomdorii now? Gomdorii is also a freakin’ hero in my world, just so you know. o:

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The first episode of Band of brothers is aired and subbed. <33
It’s so fun, you can tell that Heechul and Kangin have done a lot of reality shows before, they are loud, funny and all over the place.
Jay and Jungmo are kind of reserved. They don’t speak very much but hopefully they will start to talk more in later episodes.
It really cracked me up when Kangin fell over that black thingy XD, he is so clumsy!

But Chul, seriously, what is all this “I was once so handsome, but now I’m old” – talk? You’re still handsome (that haircut really suits him well) and why didn’t you start playing the drums until now? I’ve never really fallen for Heechul before, but after this I think that that may change.

Band of brothers with Engsubs : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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This is lots of love! ❤
Mnet is going to air a new show called “Band of Brothers featuring Kangin and Heechul from Super Junior and Jay and Jungmo from the TRAX (<3). Well the show is going to be aired once a week. The four MCs forming a band and they are going to reproduce songs from old world-known pop/rock-bands like Queen, the Beatles, Abba, Green Day etc.

But the truth to be told, I was really surprised when I saw this and I started to wonder about if Heechul can actually play the drums (even though he truly fits sitting behind them, twirling the sticks) or if Kangin can play the guitar? Oh well, we’ll soon find out on the 25th October when the first episode is set to air and hopefully someone’s going to start subbing the first episode the moment it gets out. ;__; ❤

What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen

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