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Wu Chun has the male lead role in the new highly anticipated movie called “Butterfly Lovers”. The movie will premiere on the 11th September and is directed by the Hong Kong director Jingle Ma. The classic-tale also has stars like Charlene Choi and Hu Ge. I probably won’t see it myself though. To see Wu Chun look like a girl on the pictures from the movie was more than enough for me!

Zhu Yanzhi is the daughter of a wealthy family whose fortune comes from the pottery trade. She’s vivacious. Her nature is unclouded and she loves to play all day. Life changes when she meets Liang Zhongshan. THIS site.

If you think that the movie sounds good, live in China and don’t mind Wu Chun looking a little feminine. Watch the movies on the big screen from the 11th September! If you don’t live in China, watch the trailer HERE .. Where Wu Chun actually looked hot in some scenes, maybe I should see it?

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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Recently, smexy hottie Wu Chun visited Seoul to promote his drama Romantic Princess. But who cares? The reason we wanted to write this post is because we want to share Wu Chun‘s hotness with you, our dear readers.

So enjoy these pictures:

You can watch this rawrness in Romantic Princess HERE.

iRapeHellokitty and xNoodles – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.

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