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2pm57edit2And so the time has finally come for 2PM to release an new album !
I guess that it’s not just me that have been waiting for this to happen , they are to good to just fade away like so many other idolgroups.

The album and the MV are going to be released on April 16th and on the 23rd they are going to have their comeback stage.

To watch the MV teaser and the 2PM boy’s hotness press HERE 
…and be sure to watch it again & again (sorry just had to write it)

What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen


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Have you sometimes noticed that xNoodles often describe things in the K-pop industry as if they were in their own world? With term ‘Kpop-Town’? .. Well I sure have. So I decided to draw up a picture of what the town may look like. It probably looks nothing like my drawing due to my messed up imagination in the middle of the night while giggling the whole time drawing .. I was also sucking on a lollipop. Oh, that sounded so wrong in my head.

By the way, if you can’t read the things then just zoom because the picture is so high quality. Yes, I’m bragging about my scanner. And one more thing, I drew the authors xNoodles and Mr. Chen on the picture as well, try to find them. And the things about them .. Us, I’m there to .. Are so true. Even if Mr. Chen would probably be drooling over Taemin and not the Robot. She’s just too embarrassed to admit liking a jail-bait.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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You may wonder who won what in the MKMF-awards. But have no fear, iRapeHellokitty is here! I’ll now provide you with the longest post of all time of who won what and some links to different performances. (more…)

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During the MKMF-awards Wonder Girls sang both the tango version and the dance version of their song Nobody. So I’ll write a bit about the performances:

Tango Version:
Wonder Girls tried to show us their tango-skills while dancing with 2PM. I won’t complain about the minor errors they did or the boringness while dancing, I will actually compliment them because that shit looked hard!

After about 3 minutes of boring dancing it finally came to the one thing that made my smile grow; 2PM threw the tango away and started dancing out on stage! Those small happy moments in life.

Dance version:
Bring out those 80s-out fits, because we’re all going to disco tonight! JJ Lin is always on for a party with disco influence! Even so, I think that we should rather stick to the old goodies instead of using Wonder Girls disco remix. That song can never out-beat Ain’t no mountain high enough! ~~

Watch the performances HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Heartbreaking. But nothing can make me feel more heartbroken than the fact that Oh Jung Kyu has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who isn’t me, I’m feeling so miserable right now! Ohhhhh, Jung Kyu!

Well, less about my sweety and more about Nichkhun. Recently he mentioned that an older noona like Hwang Bo who’s eight years older than him would be okay for him to date. But don’t get me wrong, just because he may fall for older girls doesn’t mean that he wants your grandmother! After he said the things about Hwang Bo and him, he clearly stated that “An older woman by 8 years like Hwang Bo is okay, but a mother’s friend who was older by twenty years is not okay”.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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