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Romeo and some Juliette love is what the SHINee-rawrness has given us this week. With their new music video Juliette out, they were at least able to rock my world with their awesome dancing and Jong Hyun’s yummy delicious voice.

For those people who are yet to hear it, you totally have check it out as Taemin is no longer born 1993, but officially born 1990 in my book. Come to moma’ my little Romeo boys, don’t ya say? ~

Check out their Juliette music video HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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I bet most of you have already figured out that I like Shinhwa, you know due to my love for Minwoo and Hyesung. My precious!

Well let’s say it like this, nothing bets when Shinhwa sings Wild Eyes live .. But SHINee did a pretty good job on it.

SHINee performed Shinhwa’s song Wild Eyes at Music Bank the other day and they looked smokin’ hot. As always? Oh yes.

Watch the performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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And so the last SHINee monologue is out – Taemins (he’s surely growing hotter by the day) .
Kind of sad though, but ey I bet that Xing (or some other k-pop group) are going to get their own monologues soon so cheer up.

In case that you’ve missed the other members monologues I’ve been so nice so I have taken the time to add the links below.


What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen

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Jonghyun’s monologue is finally out, and my computer officially hates me.
I can’t look at any youtube-videos at the moment, so I’m just sitting here muttering at my computer.
Even though I can’t see It myself I hope that the video is HQ or at least not to blurry for you all.

And finally, a little bit to late but happy 6 month anniversary SHINee!
Please keep on spreading your love ❤ ~

What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen

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At last it is time for SHINee to start releasing their monologues.

The first and only one out so far is ONEW’s and to be honest I haven’t had the time to see it yet.

But I’m looking forward to the releases off the Harry Potter-Robot, The Key fairy, the blushing room-mate Jong Hyun and the vicious step-brother Tae Min’s monologues
– which I’m going to add as soon as they get out!

What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen

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SHINee’s Eco-Water Song from the ‘Protect Water‘ concert.

There are two reasons for me to write about this :

Nr 1 : Taemin ..<3 OMFG He looks so hot in that hairstyle ;_; Maybe it’s just me that’s late but it is the first time that I have seen him with his bangs down (when he has his new haircut I mean)

Nr 2 : The lip-syncing.. ONEW failed badly, please practice more until next time so that it at least looks a little real.
But Minho on the other hand sounded, looked great and he really got some lip-syncing skills … If he now was lip-syncing I couldn’t really tell :O (and of course Key and Jonghyun were as wonderful as always)

The only thing that really annoyed me was the little girl , she is cute and all but her voice and the SHINee boys voices did not match a bit :c. Next time choose a girl that matches them better (by voice) or practice some more together before the performance. (And yes I know she is just a little girl, but still :< !)

What would you do without me ? – Mr. Chen

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The music video for Amigo is finally out! Watch it HERE.

Minho has the lead roll and whatever xNoodels or iRapeHellokitty says, he is one sexy robot (but not so much of a robot now is he? <3). I would definitely not mind being that girl he chases after! – Mr. Chen

Not as if the robot can ever make me as interested in SHINee as Tae Min can, RAWR! People in his age shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes that make the jail-baits look so tempting! Not that I would do anything to him if I got the chance to it .. Honestly! – iRapeHellokitty

Please do note: Neither one of us actually has anything against the robot Minho, who actually showed some feelings in this music video .. Or do colours counts as feelings?

What would you do without the love spreading ? – iRapeHellokitty and Mr. Chen

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