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So apparently mister JYP was not joking when he said that he was going to produce a Chinese version of the ever so popular Wonder Girls. They will be named Sisters…Come on and sing it now: We are family, I got all my sisters with me ~!…sorry but I couldn’t help myself. The name “Sisters” brings out the funky soul-side of xNoodles!

Funkiness aside, here’s Sisters performing Wonder Girls’ Nobody (Rainstone Remix). Oooooh, I like. Even though Sisters aren’t the prettiest sisters in the world, they’re quite good at singing. I will however wait for their debut to give them a stamp of “xNoodles approves”!

Check out Sisters HERE.

edit: Yes, I am aware of the James Brown-picture. The funky side of me forced me to post that picture up! It was begging to put up that pic of the King of Soul!

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3


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Yes, the headline says it all. They do indeed still exist and they sure are doing their comeback right now.

No, but 2 AM did their comeback on Music Bank today and they sang their new song ‘Confession of a Friend’ which I thought sounded pretty great, full of emotion and Jo Kwon is awesome. That last one was pretty random, but I sure do like Jo Kwon . . He’s as cute as blueberry pie, which isn’t really that sweet or anything but I like blueberries as well. More about them as a whole, they all sounded amazing live.

Watch 2 AM’s comeback performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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JYP needs to fly over to Cambodia and slam the company of these girls with an hefty law-suit. Even though I don’t like Wonder Girls very much, I know that they have worked hard to get to where they are and now this group just blatantly steals their work and promotes it as theirs? Na-ah, that aint right!

RHM Angels (that’s the name of this girlgroup), if you’re going to smooch of the Wonder Girls you should freakin’ outstage them! Honestly, that Tell Me-body wave in your Nobody MV-preview made me want to slap FAIL!!! in your foreheads. You are however, slightly better than Sohee at singing.

Watch the live performance of No Body (do they know that nobody and no body doesn’t mean the same thing?) HERE.

Watch the music video preview of  RHM Angels’ No Body HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when people steal other people’s music :3


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…You know, if you’re going to sing after an awesome singer like IU, you better be a really good vocalist. Like duh.

Unfortunately Ori wasn’t. And because she sang after the awesomeness (=IU), she sounded really bad. I mean Sohee-bad!!

….Okay maybe not as bad as Sohee (who can defeat her?) but still suckish!

Watch the failness named Ori’s debut-performance HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Today, Kore’s best-selling girl-group SNSD released a preview to their new music video named Gee.

Hmm, I’m not too sure if I’ll like the song because the fact that they keep on repeating the word “Gee” is kinda annoying and..who am I kidding? It’s freaking SNSD! Of course I’ll like the song!!

Ehm, anyways. Watch the MV-teaser HERE while you wait for their comeback-performance at KBS Music Bank on the 9th January!

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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Because according to them, every wanna pretty!

Seriously, I lol’d. If they’re going to use English in their songs, they should at least check the grammar. Or everything about it. For real, this song was so freakin’ hilarious. “If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty”. Well at least, they looked cute with their cute dances and cheerful clothes!

Watch KARA’s latest performance at Music Bank HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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The performance just ended and Boa is currently singing Lose Your Mind. I feel so freaking cool because I’ve managed to watch Eat You Up LIVE instead of doing my homework!

BoA surprised me! Her english was so good. I actually understood what she was singing. That whole “so yum yum”-part sounds even funnier LIVE. Haha!

Anyways, watch the LIVE-streaming of BoA HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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