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HAPPY 1 year anniversary SHINee ! ~

Has it already been a year ?
I remember when I watched the Replay video for the first time and fell in love at once. Many things has changed since then (a certain 93′ grew up to a real hottie and a certain Robot got a new nose) but there is one thing that will stay the same – the love for our “little” SHINee boy’s ~

What would you do without me ?  – Mr. Chen


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Have you sometimes noticed that xNoodles often describe things in the K-pop industry as if they were in their own world? With term ‘Kpop-Town’? .. Well I sure have. So I decided to draw up a picture of what the town may look like. It probably looks nothing like my drawing due to my messed up imagination in the middle of the night while giggling the whole time drawing .. I was also sucking on a lollipop. Oh, that sounded so wrong in my head.

By the way, if you can’t read the things then just zoom because the picture is so high quality. Yes, I’m bragging about my scanner. And one more thing, I drew the authors xNoodles and Mr. Chen on the picture as well, try to find them. And the things about them .. Us, I’m there to .. Are so true. Even if Mr. Chen would probably be drooling over Taemin and not the Robot. She’s just too embarrassed to admit liking a jail-bait.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Scratch that. It was just a look-a-like that they killed, with a very odd-looking nose. And seriously, when Shinee is shaking their little booties in skin-tight pants in front of you, you do not sit there like a little diva. If it was us, dang. Rape.
Anywaaays … The performance would have been better if it contained a little more bootyshaking dancing (from Shinee‘s part of course). But the special stage-collaboration was indeed cute.
Was it just us that would kill to see that rain pour down on Jong Hyun? Why, oh why.
Watch the performance HERE.

– xNoodles and iRapeHellokitty – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone

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Lee Hyori :
The song is not really one of my favourites, but I can’t criticize her singing. The performance was good, even if it looked like both she and her back-up dancers were wearing a pyjamas during the show.

SHINee :
Is it only me or do more people just love the remix of this song?
Well the performance was great as usual. And I’m not to sure, but it seemed like they danced more during the performance than they usually do. And as you all should know, I love their dancing skills especially Taemin‘s.

Battle :
The performance was good and it feels like it was quite some time since I actually heard them sing live. :3 Though their dancing could need some improvement. But overall I liked the performance and Chris looked extremely hot.

Epik High feat Younha
Really cute, when the whole audience is sitting with an umbrella during their performance of “Umbrella”. Both Tablo‘s and Mithra‘s rap was really great as it usually is. And Younha‘s dress was as pretty as her voice.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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