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I know that it may be a bit late to write about SHINee’s Golden Disk Award’s performance, but I can’t help not to. God those boys looked sexy, while being played like puppets. Being tied up like that. Rawr, bondage for the win .. Not that I like things like that, or they actually did it pretty well. Hmm .. I’ll get back to you about that.

Well, if I should sum up the whole performance, which most of you probably already have seen, it was great. But can they ever fail a live performance? Last thing last, I just have to comment how depressed I am right now .. Why wasn’t it me who was the puppet master? ;___; Watch the performance HERE.

And for all you people who noticed that we’ve become a bit slow lately; We’re terribly sorry about it. School comes first right now sadly, but holidays are coming up soon, so expect lots of love from us henceforward.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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Mr. Robot Minho from SHINee has turned into a Potter now, I’m guessing that the story goes something like this;


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But failed badly! No one can “run it” like SHINee, so don’t even try it.

We’re also pretty sure that diva number 1 Tae Min would not have allowed U-Kiss to do better than him and his back-up dancers group.

Listen to the song HERE.

We just want to spread the sunshine ! – iRapeHellokitty and xNoodles :3

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Okay, maybe they weren’t exactly dressed as the Village People, but the clothes and dance-moves were just as damn gay. The boys pranced up the stage as if they were Tyra Banks on a catwalk. They looked fierce. I almost expected them to do the Y-M-C-A, haha!

I especially liked what Key was wearing. It looked like he was trying to get casted in Grease! I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying! ~

Then suddenly, it seemed like Tae Min didn’t like the fact that Key was getting all the attention with his John Travolta-hip thrusts! And so he brought out his secret ultra-attention-grabbing-power: the jailbait sexy moves!

It was if he was signaling to the other members: “bitch please, you ain’t got shit on me!”

Master Wheesung taught him well. He must be very proud of his little apprentice. He’s probably calling Tae Min right now, congratulating him for graduating DIVA-academy.

I should probably mention that the reason for all this madness was a performance for Mnet’s Style Icon Award. You can watch it HERE.

– xNoodles, just aint no sunshine when I’m gone :3

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As soon as SHINee found out that Donghae recently had a haircut, they all ran down to the barbershop doing the same thing as their beloved ‘friend’ already had done. I can’t say that the hairstyles worked for all of them, but Jong Hyun, Tae Min and Key sure made it work. Donghae will be proud of you guys!

For more pictures visit their official soompi thread HERE.
Or your can always just watch their first Amigo performance HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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Oh noes, the kids from the Korean kindergarten have escaped! We have to put them back in their daycare center before they get raped by the older fan-boys they’ll soon be having, as the jail-baits they are!

By the way, I hope you all remember Sweety; the band that debuted in July with their “Hayanbyeol”, but haven’t done so much since then? Well, last I checked they were busy playing kid’s games with Tae Min. No, but seriously have they like been prisoners in an underground cage the last past months or something? In that case, I don’t really see why because they are talented! But the song they performed in their latest performance had a freaky resemblance to the black eyed peace song ‘where is love?’.

Watch Sweety’s latest performance HERE, but I’d would rather recommend THIS song even if the two girls in the music video had something going on!

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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The 15th of August SMTOWN Concert 2008 was held in Seoul, unfortunately it wasn’t broadcasted so that’s why all the videos we’ve linked here are fancams. We hope you enjoy it anyway!

Shinee – You’re like Oxygen:
Hotness, I really liked the performance and it was very Micheal Jackson-ish. (:

Shinee – Run It:
Can’t really describe it in any other words than; “Damn, that’s hot!”

Super Junior:
Eunhyuk feat Xiah Junsu – One Love:
I thought it was great, even if it was just like 40 seconds. Really great to see the two best friends sing together.

Kangin – Don’t Walk Away:
He sang the song ‘Dont Walk Away’ from the upcoming musical Xanadu, which he and Heechul is going to be starring in .. I wanna see it so badly. ;__;

Sungmin – Just The Two Of Us:
Oh Sungmin. *____* Why was the clip so short? ;_;

CSJH The Grace:
CSJH The Grace – One More Time, OK:
If you look besides the fact that the quality sucks, the performance was really great and their vocals were really good. They just earned themselves a new fan!

BoA – 공중정원:
Even if I’m not her biggest fan, her voice is great and she sang the song really beautifully.

Dance Battles:
Shindong’s Dance Battle:
Even if it was painful to watch him in that out-fit, I have to admit that the dancing to Lee Hyori‘s ‘U-Go-Girl’ was rather hot.

Junsu (DBSK) – Dance Battle
I bet a lot of girls wish they were the one he was dancing with? Junsu = dancing king!

YunHo – Sexy Dance
Hey U-Go-Boy! YunHo brought out his sexy moves and showed off his abs. Lucky fangirls who could enjoy that wonderful view. ❤

HyoYeon (SNSD) – Dance Battle
Girl got game. Seriously, what a dancing-machine!

Tae Min (SHINee) – Dance Battle
Watching this I was thinking: He looks really short. Haha. Anywho, he did a pretty good job with the crumping but the whole rip shirt-thingie was not appropriate for a 14-year old.

Dang, YunHo looked smoking hot. Was it just me that thought it was really funny when Jae Joong all of a sudden flashed his abs? xD

DBSK – Rising Sun
It’s getting hot in here. Lots of skin ftw? ❤

DBSK – Purple Line
I rawr’d.

DBSK – Love In The Ice (korean version)
Focused on Yun-Ho.
Focused on Chang Min.
Focused on Mickey.
Focused on Junsu.
Unfortunately I could not find a fancam focused on Jae Joong.

SNSD fancams – part 1 , part 2

– iRapeHellokitty and xNoodles – We just want to spread the sunshine when we’re gone.

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