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And it has been for the past six days as well, but I hope you people won’t kill me for telling you so late .. Actually I just found out yesterday myself, darn that should have been my secret.

Well, Antique Bakery starring the hotness from Goong is back and is now showing us a bright and charming side of himself which you didn’t know he had. I’m guessing that you people who have seen the trailer are now predicting the gayest movie with loads of Eunhae-rawr moments, but this movie actually has more to it .. Apparently. I watched it yesterday and I really enjoyed it so I’m going to recommend it for you now. Watch it, seriously.

Watch the movie HERE and if you wanna see the trailer first, watch it HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty


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Is it just me who hasn’t heard U-kiss in a while now?

Well, have no fear ‘cuz I’m here to say that U-kiss have just performed their brand new song ‘I like you’ on Inkigayo. And wait, it gets even better. They have also recently released their new music  video preview with the 80s concept. I bet all you fangirls are jumping up and in excitement right now. Then my work is done.

Watch their performance HERE. B-baby, take my love! ~~
And check out their colourful 80s music video preview HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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I don’t even know what to say more than watch and enjoy! The drama looks so exciting, from what you can see in the trailer it looks like the Korean version will differ the Japanese version quite a bit. But that’s good, right?

Hurry up Janury come a bit faster now, will you? And yes, I’m talking to a month but I really want it to hurry up a bit so I can take the risk of social destruction. January, Hayaku!

Watch the trailer HERE.

I just want to spread the love! – iRapeHellokitty

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